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W S Electronics has a wide range and varied line of products; this page will be populated as time goes on to show the full gamut of the products we offer.

Two Way Radios

Available in all bands in analog and a variety of different digital technologies.

Radio Accessories

We carry manufacturer's original equipment along with the best aftermarket options.


We are able to get you the latest lightbars, for your vehicle direct from the manufacturer then install it.

Dispatch Consoles

911 phones and radio consoles from the top manufacturers in public safety.

Station Alerting

Want to enable dispatch to alert your firestation?  We have a solution that can help.

Bi-Directional Amplifiers

Have a coverage hole?  Need to have coverage indoors?  We can provide the solution.

Upgrade Your System

Have an existing system?  Want to improve coverage?  Want to go Digital?  We can help plan a smooth transition.


W S carries a few different options for VHF and UHF paging.

Point to Point Microwave

With a wide selection of the market's top brands we can provide a solution that fits your needs and your budget.

More To Be Added

With more updates being added to the website our list of products will be expanding.

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