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W S Electronics is a family run and owned communications company, we opened our doors for business in 1975 and have expanded and grown ever since.  Today W S Electronics has three locations: Xenia, Troy, and Springfield.     

Why W S Electronics?


Guaranteed Quality


Our team is comprised of experienced engineers and technicians ready to take on any challenge.  We strive to provide only the best solutions for our customers' needs without cutting corners and always being straight forward.


One Stop Shop


W S Electronics is also a one stop communications shop.  We sell, install, and maintain everything from the handheld radio to transmit antenna on the tower.  

Service & Repairs

W S Electronics is proud to offer in house repairs for many of the products we sell and even a large number of products 

we do not sell.  If 

you have 

something to be 

fixed give us a call.

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